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As far back as our history books have told, we’ve looked to the stars for answers. What might the Universe, fate, destiny have written in the stars for me? Now, the wisdom of the fates are told through The Oracle. 


Each oracle reading is a surprise with four possible rituals:

Will tarot cards provide the answers you seek?

Perhaps rune stones will give you the insight you desire?

Could a tea leaf reading reveal the Universe’s mysteries?

Rarest of all, maybe the Coin of Destiny will show you the way?


Ask your burning question, spark your flame, and let your fortune be revealed. 


  • This 8.5 oz candle is 100% all natural soy wax made with high grade fragrance oils and a non-leaded, cotton paper wick. Due to the nature of all natural wax, some imperfections in the wax may occur when burning or hardening. Vessel color may vary.

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