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Back by popular demand for the holiday season only! We had enough supplies to make 25 more of these limited edition puzzles. Once they are sold out, they will never be made again!



October 31st, 1952.  Local tales tell of Esther Carter: a woman interested in all matters supernatural, who died on Halloween exactly 100 years ago.  You’ve been dared to pay your respects to Esther on Halloween night. Are you brave enough to step foot into the graveyard?  Don’t forget; there’s Trick or Treating to be done.  It is Halloween after all.


“Trick or Treat” by Mysterywick asks you to uncover a Halloween mystery. Every Mysterywick experience includes physical clues revealed within the wax, handcrafted puzzles and evocative scents invoking the environment of our stories. All parts of Mysterywick, including our thoughtfully designed packaging, could contain a clue. We invite you to think outside the box.


Will you be able to unveil the truth behind the dark mysteries of a town’s local haunting?

Trick or Treat: Calling the Spirits - 4 Votive Set

  • This puzzle incudes four 3 oz. votives made with 100% all natural soy wax,  high grade fragrance oils, and a non-leaded, cotton paper wick. Due to the nature of all natural wax, some imperfections in the wax may occur when burning or hardening.

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