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Summer, 1975.  It’s just you, your Mom and her groovy shag carpet van on a road trip through the Golden State.  On a particularly stormy night, the van breaks down on the side of the road.  The horrors are about to begin.


From the darkness, a harbinger of terror approaches the van. Your mom is kidnapped by this demented killer.  It’s up to you to save her.  Will you reach her in time?  

The Final Girl: 1975

  • This is part I of III in The Final Girl series. You do not need to play part I to play parts II or III. This is the 1975 puzzle only. Full set of The Final Girl is available here.

    This 8.5 oz candle is 100% all natural soy wax made with high grade fragrance oils and a non-leaded, cotton paper wick. Due to the nature of all natural wax, some imperfections in the wax may occur when burning or hardening.

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