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10 years to the day that started everything.  Life has been continuing, but you’ve never forgotten your encounter with him.  To take your mind off of the anniversary, you decide to sign up as a camp counselor of Lucky Star Summer Camp.  Fresh forest air, fun activity filled days, a perfect distraction.  


It’s the night before the campers arrive.  Something startles you awake in your cabin.  What lies before you is a scene out of a horror movie.  He’s found you.  


Final Girl: 1985 is Part II of the Final Girl Trilogy.  1985 can be played as a stand alone puzzle.  If you would like the entire Final Girl experience, the set will be released later this year.  1985 is a 3 out of 4 star perplexity level. 



  Due to the nature of the story, we do not recommend 1985 for children

The Final Girl: 1985

  • This is part II of III in The Final Girl series. You do not need to play part I to play parts II or III. This is the 1985 puzzle only. Full set of The Final Girl is available here.

    This 8.5 oz candle is 100% all natural soy wax made with high grade fragrance oils and a non-leaded, cotton paper wick. Due to the nature of all natural wax, some imperfections in the wax may occur when burning or hardening.

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